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Animal Genetics Japan Co., Ltd.
4520 Nishi -shonaicho Suzuka
Mie JAPAN 519-0271
TEL +81-59-371-6010

AG Japan is Originally founded in 1997 by Yasuo Nagamune as a supplier of Wagyu (Japanese cattle) and foreign cattle semen, we trade Japanese Wagyu semen, import dairy cattle semen from the USA, Canada and Holland, as well as deal in livestock equipment and veterinary tools, along with our own original line of calf jackets for domestic use and foreign export.

In 2000, AG Japan expanded the scope of its operation with the opening the "Suzuka Research Farm," an artificial insemination center in the Mie Prefecture's Suzuka City, now one of the top AI centers in Japan.

We are also the official sales agent of CHART INDUSTRIES Cryogenic liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezers.

Today AG Japan is proud to be considered one of the top agricultural companies in Japan working in the field of Artificial Insemination. We are currently engaged in realizing our decision to share our unique methods and technology with the world of agriculture beyond Japan by expanding the availability of our services overseas, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to partnering with like businesses around the globe.

If you or your company is interested in letting AG JAPAN assist you in substantially improving the overall quality of your beef production/breeding/cross-semination through the utilization of our highly effective methodology based on empirical data and backed by years of research resulting in a proven track record of success, please feel free to contact us and a representative of our company will gladly answer any questions you may have and provide you with the comprehensive information you require to reach that goal.




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