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If you've ever had to perform ten artificial insemination procedures on a freezing cold day, you know the challenge involved in keeping semen warm once you've thawed it to the proper temperature. Yet it is only too easy to compromise the entire AI process if the temperature drops.


The AG AI Gun Warmer is designed to keep semen warm in the coldest of outside temperatures, protecting it from cold shock when performing AI procedures on winter days. This renders it extremely useful if there is a long distance between your cows and thawing devices. Or if you are doing several AI procedures in row and need to carry several injectors outdoors for an extended period of time. The inside of the warmer can be maintained in a range from 25 to 35 ℃ by use of a rechargeable heating unit. When used with the heating unit, it can maintain your semen at a safe temperature, regardless of temperature drops.


Comfortably lightweight, the AG AI Gun Warmer has an adjustable strap that can be hung from the shoulder, around the neck, or around the waist, providing easy access to your injectors while allowing you to keep your hands free when needed. Its vinyl lining makes for a highly waterproof interior environment that's easy to clean and forms a barrier against moisture and other contaminants.


Additionally, it has a pocket specifically integrated into its design for a rechargeable heating unit to stabilize the temperature of the semen, giving you the option of even further protection against temperature drops after the sperm has been woken up through the thawing process and rendered "aggressive." Included is a battery-operated heating unit with a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Unlike disposable heating units that can overheat and damage sperm (the use of which we strongly advise against), it maintains stable temperatures.

This highly innovative heating unit is also a highly "sustainable" product. Its battery, a revolutionary Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable that combines the benefits of traditional dry cell batteries with rechargeable batteries, comes pre-charged out of the package and is able to be recharged up to 1,000 times. It has an incredibly low self-discharge allowing it to maintain 70% of its charge after 2 years of non-use as well as a full charge every time without memory effects.

Environmentally conscious not only in function and performance but in concept and design, the AG AI Gun Warmer has superior function and efficacy while making a positive contribution to the environment. At AG Japan, we care about the environment. And we hope you share in our concern for the future of the planet by supporting this wonderful sustainable product as well.


The importance of maintaining temperature stability plays a key role in all successful AI procedures. The most crucial moment in the entire process – the transference of the semen after thawing -- can be the very one that brings on failure by damaging the frail sperm through shifts in mere degrees. (Particularly sexed semen, which is less active and can be prone to sensitivity.) Doesn't it make sense then to carry out the last step with the care and precision one would give the actual birth of a calf?

Why let the substantial investment of your time, money, and efforts go to waste? If your goal is to increase impregnation rates, then the AG AI Gun Warmer is a "must-have." Truly, it is an innovative tool offered at an extraordinarily affordable price.

Don't think of it as an accessory. Think of it as a necessity. We do.