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Animal Genetics Japan Co., Ltd.
4520 Nishi -shonaicho Suzuka
Mie JAPAN 519-0271
TEL +81-59-371-6010

The AG Apron is specially designed for rectal examinations before artificial insemination or embryo transfer. Constructed of super-lightweight nylon provided by Achilles, its Hypalon® coating provides heavy duty water repellency.

The innovative 3-D design of the AG Apron offers the wearer optimal movement capability, moving with the movement of your body, seamlessly following your every motion without any resistance in a way no conventional flat apron possibly can. Its flexibility extends beyond that, as it can be worn on both the left and right sides of the body.

After years of enduring cumbersome, bulky conventional aprons that we considered a compromise in utility, we wanted to completely re-invent an apron that served its intended purpose by integrating the concepts of precision engineering with the efficacy, water repellency and light weightedness of the feathers of a bird's wing in flight.

We felt confident we had achieved what we were aiming for when we tested the final prototype ourselves. Reduced to the briefest yet all-encompassing of terms, our original design goal we hoped to come close to had been "Flexibility in Motion." But we knew for certain we surpassed that goal when our unbiased customers sang its praises by calling it Poetry in Motion.

Form truly meets function in this beautiful fitting treasure from Japan. We'd like to share it with you.




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