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Animal Genetics Japan Co., Ltd.
4520 Nishi -shonaicho Suzuka
Mie JAPAN 519-0271
TEL +81-59-371-6010

We started production of our AG Jacket line over 8 years ago with the AG Tricot Type. Since that time, we have sold over 35,000 AG Tricot Type Jackets all over Japan.

The AG Tricot Type Jacket is constructed of four layers of fabric: On the outside, a heavier, highly durable high-quality polyester that is not only water repellent but doubly serves to repel mud and dirt, making it extremely long-lasting as well as easy to clean. The inner lining is constructed of two layers of lighter weight polyester: One coated with polyurethane for additional water repellency, and one coated with urethane providing extra warmth and insulation. The underside layer closest to the calf's skin is made of a silky-smooth polyester, with a texture soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. This unique four-layer construction maintains the calf's body temperature consistently while keeping it dry and never weighing the calf down.

We put a lot of thought and research into the buckle of the jacket. In determining what would be the best buckle for the AG Tricot Type, we invested a lot of time consulting with YKK's Fastening Products Group, world renown experts in the production of high-quality fasteners for over 75 years. Together we came up with the best buckle design for our "Classic" model – one that that is strong and hard to break, while at the same time easy to lock and unlock and not prone to jamming. The buckles fit under the body and both rear legs, and all are adjustable. Additionally, an adjustable Velcro closure fits around the neck providing a flat, smooth, comfortable fit. It also features a Body Warmer Pocket to hold warmer bags for additional warmth.

At its most basic, the Tricot Type is warm, easy to put on, easy to take off, and easy to wash – four of the most important characteristics all cattle farmers look for in a jacket. And every year we have sought to improve the AG Tricot Type by researching what our users think and listening to their suggestions or desires for the smallest of corrections or changes. At AG JAPAN, we listen to our customers and hear their needs. This is just one of the many reasons why the AG Tricot Type has grown to become the Japanese standard in calf jackets.