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Animal Genetics Japan Co., Ltd.
4520 Nishi -shonaicho Suzuka
Mie JAPAN 519-0271
TEL +81-59-371-6010

The development of our own product line was borne of necessity. Prior to the development of our product line, we saw a gap in the availability of high quality products and instruments necessary to meet our own standards of quality for the successful implementation of the artificial insemination process as we engaged in the utilization of such items in our own basic daily work at our AI firm. It was this very gap in the market that prompted us to re-design and produce those products, all of which are used daily use by AG Japan itself in our Artificial Insemination firm.

At AG Japan, we have a passion for quality, and we are proud of our products' quality. We only use the most advanced Japanese technology and finest materials in the production of every item in our agricultural product line. Once you see or touch our products, the difference will become very clear. And once you use them, you will never go back to using any other!

If you are an overseas distributor interested in exploring the possibility of distributing our product line, please contact Taiki Otsuka at:81-059-371-6010. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


The birth and infancy development stages of baby calves is the riskiest time of their lives. They are weak and most susceptible to getting sick. The slightest drop in temperature or fluctuation in wind velocity can pose a risk for illness, especially among the Wagyu or "Kobe" calves (producers of Kobe beef), whose smaller size and pure bloodline unique to this breed render them even more delicate from birth. Common sense therefore dictates the use of a jacket specially tailored for baby calves to protect the health of the animal as well as protect your own investment.

AG JAPAN's line of jackets is the top-selling jacket line of its type on the Japanese market, trusted most by breeders and cattle farmers who wisely refuse to risk entrusting the lives of their calves to the capriciousness of the wind.

Protect your baby calves and your investment at the same time by investing in an AG Jacket, available in 4 styles.