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Animal Genetics Japan Co., Ltd.
4520 Nishi -shonaicho Suzuka
Mie JAPAN 519-0271
TEL +81-59-371-6010

After years of enduring subpar methods of semen identification, frustrated by stamps that utilized ink that smeared, printed illegibly or just wore off, we said "Enough! There has to be a better way . . ."

We saw the need to develop a printer that solved all the problems we were experiencing utilizing the same level of precision engineering and special technology Toyota is known for, characterized by superior quality and rationality. Anything less would be as unthinkable as modern cars lacking electronic controls.

The answer was obvious to us: If we wanted the level of precision electronics on par with the electronic controls found in a Toyota, we'd go straight to the source: We would develop the highly sophisticated and very specialized AG Inkjet Straw Printer with the same electrical engineers who provide the electronic systems for Toyota.

Three years in the making, cutting edge technology has finally come to the Agricultural Industry. Unlike the low-tech hand-stamping method, which is not only difficult to effectuate with any true clarity but extremely slow and tedious, the AG Inkjet Straw Printer is automated, precise, and produces uniform results that are highly legible. And it's extremely fast! Easy to operate with touch panel interface that can print vivid words with high speed printing at a rate of 1200 straws per hour, it prints accurately, clearly, and quickly on both 0.5cc straws as well as 0.25cc straws. Additionally, it does bar code printing and automatic date printing.

Though the AG Inkjet Straw Printer was originally developed for our own personal use, we were so impressed with the precision, reliability and efficacy of final product that we couldn't possibly keep it to ourselves. We use it daily, and cannot now imagine ever having been without it.

And if you are planning on coming to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin on October 4-9, 2011, please stop by our booth AL 214 for a demonstration of the amazing AG Inkjet Straw Printer. Another precision innovation from our treasure chest in Japan . . .




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